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Lilin driver for Crestron

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A Crestron driver providing control of Lilin IP cameras and NVR/DVRs.

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From humble beginnings in Taiwan, Lilin have established themselves as an industry leading manufacturer of CCTV systems, intent on building and diversifying their product range and providing the installer with a huge choice of products to offer their clients.  Our drivers provide full, two-way integration with Crestron for all compatible network cameras, as well as one-way control of DVR/NVRs.  Offering a full complement of pan, tilt and zoom controls, as well as monitoring of MJPEG streams on the Crestron panel, this driver provides all the CCTV control functionality the client will need.  For the security conscious, motion and tamper variables can be programmed to alert the user, initiate recording, and/or trigger any appropriate action within the Crestron system.  The ability to save and recall preset camera positions at high speed, and with accuracy is an added bonus.  The DVR/NVR driver provides a complete set of one-way commands, providing the user with the ability to easily navigate through the on-screen menus and review recorded camera footage.

How does it work?

The Crestron processor communicates directly with cameras and NVR/DVRs connected to the network.   The following features are supported:

  • Full PTZ control of network cameras.
  • Save and recall preset camera positions.
  • Alarm / motion monitoring.
  • One-way IP control of NVR/DVR.

The driver comes packaged with a demonstration panel design, enabling easy integration and testing with your existing system.

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Do I need a licence for this driver?

Nope, no licence is required for this one.  Just click on the driver package under the Downloads tab.

Other similar drivers are really expensive, how come this one is free!?

Sometimes, driver development is funded by the manufacturer of the product to be integrated, and sometimes by the control system manufacturer.  Whenever possible, we offer the driver for free.

Do I need any additional hardware to use this driver, such as an interface device?

As the driver talks directly to the Lilin devices over the network, no interface device is required between the two systems.