Control Systems Integration

Creation of control system drivers allowing deep integration with manufacturers’ products, helping integrators to provide clients with seamless user experiences, whatever the problem faced or request received.

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BMS Integration Software
BMS Integration

Well versed in the language and topology needed to integrate a building, whether a simple HVAC interface or a complete smart building infrastructure.

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App Development
App Development

Development of apps for iOS and Android designed to enhance a users’ experience of manufacturers’ products.

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IoT Software Development

Delivering solutions for businesses looking to move forward with the Internet of Things.

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Working With Us

Janus Logo
  • Leading software consultancy
  • Specialists in technology integration
  • Experts in smart building infrastructure
  • Trusted development partner for many well-known global brands
  • A team of ‘smart gurus’ with enormous experience in the Smart Home market
  • A company dedicated to making business ‘smarter’
  • The go-to guys when it comes to connecting technology
  • Develop apps for devices, that enhance integration
  • Create solutions for smart building infrastructure
  • Allow Smart Home control systems to interact with manufacturers’ products
  • Bring brands large and small to the IoT party
  • Provide consultancy and professional services
  • Develop solutions across multiple platforms and languages to deliver what’s needed

Manufacturers and integrators regularly employ the services of Janus Technology for our expertise in dramatically enhancing a product or service offering.

A simple driver may suffice, but many clients also look to Janus to create apps for iOS, Android and other platforms, not necessarily a standalone app, but an app that enhances the user’s experience, and also the manufacturers’ products.

More often than not, the app experience becomes key to the system’s functionality and Janus’ expertise ensures a smooth creation process from idea inception to public use and availability.

Some Of Our Clients