Rako – Control4 / RTI / Elan g!

C4 PanelJanus Technology’s Rako drivers for Control4, RTI and Elan g! are designed to control a wired or wireless Rako lighting system, via Ethernet.   Simply ensure your Rako system’s Ethernet Bridge is connected to the same network as the control processor and you’re ready to go.  Touch panel control of Rako rooms, dimmers, relays and blinds not only provides the user with “armchair” control of their lighting, but also allows a  macro to initiate lighting moods (for example, “Watch a Movie” can dim the lights in addition to switching on the home cinema, with a single button press).  Simulated scene status feedback allows the control system to circumvent the Rako system’s feedback limitations and keep your control panel up to date.  Events in the Rako system (such as keypad button presses, or lighting scene changes) can be used to generate events in your control system, adding a whole new level of functionality.  With additional support for Holiday Mode and Rako macros, as well as the need for just a single Rako Ethernet bridge, this feature-rich suite of drivers is industry-leading, both in terms of functionality and value for money.

How does it work?

Your control system communicates with a single RAKO Ethernet bridge via the network, cleverly employing a system of simulated scene feedback to maintain synchronisation.   The following features are supported:

  • Full control of dimmable and non-dimmable lighting devices.RAKO Logo
  • Control of motorization devices such as blinds and curtains.
  • Full control of Rako’s in-built Holiday Mode.
  • Discreet selection of Rako macros.
  • Simulated scene status feedback.

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